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How to Verify API Responses in Katalon Studio

Verifying an API response is always a challenging task in API testing. Some testers may find it hard to understand the JSON/XML response format; while some others struggle with getting the value of a specific key to verify. It is even harder when the response is big enough with the complex data structure.

Starting from version 5.8.3, Katalon Studio has released a new feature that targets solving those issues with a simple step. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use this feature to verify API responses.

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Create REST API Requests Manually With Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio offers great UI support for creating REST API requests, but if you are an advanced Katalon user, you can do it manually and benefit from the large library of Katalon support methods for API requests. This tutorial will show how to create REST API requests manually and handle responses to make your code robust and effective.


You should be familiar with Katalon Studio and know the basics of Java/Groovy.

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