Building Enterprise Java Applications the Spring Way

I think it is fair to say that Java EE has gained a pretty bad reputation among Java developers. Despite the fact that it has certainly improved on all fronts over the years and even changed its home from the Eclipse Foundation to become Jakarta EE, its bitter taste is still quite strong. On the other side, we have the Spring Framework (or to reflect the reality better, a full-fledged Spring Platform) this is a brilliant, lightweight, fast, innovative, and hyper-productive Java EE replacement. So why bother with Java EE?

We are going to answer this question by showing how easy it is to build modern Java applications using most of the Java EE specs. And, the key ingredient to succeeding here is Eclipse Microprofile: enterprise Java in the age of microservices.

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Expose RESTful APIs Using Spring Boot in Seven Minutes

Today, we are going to learn how to expose standalone RESTful web services. The purpose of this post is to enable a reader to write their own RESTful web services.

Yes, that’s right! I’m sure that after watching this short video you will be able to write your own RESTful web service. Let’s get started.

You can check out this sample project at GitHub.

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