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QQ takes leaf from sibling WeChat’s mini-program book

This will bring vitality to Tencent mini program ecosystem, and will improve QQ’s own capability. Original Link

Briefing: Tesla’s Shanghai factory to churn out 3,000 vehicles per week

Tesla also plans ramp-up investments in factories and equipment up to $6 billion over the next two years. Original Link

19-year-old QQ is doing its best to stay young

Tencent hopes to bring content-driven social network features including e-sports, live streaming, gaming, and beauty to QQ. Original Link

19-year-old QQ is doing its best to stay young

Tencent hopes to bring content-driven social network features including e-sports, live streaming, gaming, and beauty to QQ. Original Link

Guangzhou launches China’s first driverless taxi service

Guangzhou-headquartered is providing the technical support for the L4 autonomous driving taxis. Original Link

Ofo rumor mill continues as they battle whispers of bankruptcy

The Chinese bike rental firm is reportedly preparing for its bankruptcy reorganization plans. Original Link

Briefing: China’s Ministry of Commerce fires back after US slaps ban on state-backed chipmaker

The US Commerce Department said the Chinese chipmaker poses a “significant risk” to its national security interests. Original Link

Briefing: Finance ministry accuses Xiaomi, Suning of tax evasion

MOF highlights accounting problems among internet companies, pointing to a possible a tightening taxation policy. Original Link

Briefing: China’s OnePlus to launch new model 6T in US

Chinese smartphone startup OnePlus plans to launch model 6T on November 1 in partnership carrier T-Mobile’s store exclusively, amid the trade war tension and unsolved Sino-US telecom disputes. Original Link

BGI Genomics faces criticism for working with overseas institution

Chinese gene tech giant denies that any domestic genomic data was transmitted overseas. Original Link

Briefing: Ping An uses facial recognition to prevent fraud

Ping An is now testing technology to detect a borrower’s facial micro-expressions. Original Link

OKCoin office in Beijing vandalized amid accusations of fraud

In March, an investor threatened to commit suicide at OKCoin’s office after losing $1.6 million. Original Link

Upcoming Single’s Day sends Chinese delivery price up

China’s courier services only operate backbone delivery networks. Customer-facing parcel pickup and delivery are run by their franchise partners. Original Link

New proposed rules could rock China’s blockchain industry. Here’s what they mean

The draft regulations require blockchain users go through real-name registration, and service providers take responsibility for content. Original Link

Ahead of Singles’ Day, Alibaba goes to space

The company will launch mini space station “Candy Tin” and satellite “Tmall International” to support the 2018 Singles’ Day. Original Link

PandaTV says its not dead and will file for an IPO this year

“We are not dead, and PandaTV is about to profit,” PandaTV’s Chief Operation Officer Zhang Juyuan told local media. Original Link

Briefing: China Post’s Sichuan arm partners with e-commerce platform Pinduoduo

The two parties said their partnership in logistics hopes to deepen cooperation in service efficiency in the region. Original Link

Ziroom tenants discover hidden camera in apartment

Ziroom has found itself in the spotlight after being linked to a leukemia allegation and rising rental prices. Original Link

Xiaomi staff in uproar over Mi Store management issues

A disgruntled worker posted scathing criticism on Mi Store Nanjing’s official Weibo. Original Link

Briefing: Jinri Toutiao quietly launches another e-commerce app

Zhidian offers products including home & living, clothing, kitchen utensils, food & beverage, and car products. Original Link

Briefing: Genomics company releases largest Chinese genome sequencing data research so far

Regional immunity difference, physical feature heredity, probability of twin-pregnancy, and virus infection chances are investigated. Original Link

Briefing: Tencent tests digital travel project in Yunnan

Tencent hopes to satisfy a traveler’s diverse needs with just one smartphone app – Go Yunnan is a pilot solution. Original Link

China richest bitcoin billionaire Li Xiaolai says he’s done with investing in blockchain

“I plan to spend several years to contemplate my career change. As for what I’m doing next, I’m not sure just yet.” Original Link

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