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Boron-Doped Nanodiamonds Could Significantly Improve Photocatalysis

Diamond nanomaterials are believed to be prime candidates for cost-effective photocatalysts. Light is used to activate these materials and improve the rate of reaction for CO2 and water to generate… Original Link

Why R2D2 could be your child’s teacher sooner than you think

The evidence suggests robots would be great teachers, say Kristyn Sommer and Marie Bodén from Australia’s University of Queensland. Original Link

Huawei to begin manufacturing smartphones in India in 2019

Huawei also plans to spend about $100 million in the Indian market, including 1000 offline stores in the next 2-3 years. Original Link

Cute or cult? Inside Alibaba’s curious nickname culture

Mythical monikers among employees add a dash of fun to Alibaba culture, but some see a darker side. Original Link

Hello TransTech reportedly in negotiations to acquire ofo

According to one source, ofo will find it difficult to provide a “valuation under an assumption of continuous operations.” Original Link

Tencent to bring WeChat and mini programs to autonomous driving

The company wishes to transform WeChat into a smart interaction medium covering more use cases. Original Link

Earth’s core softer than thought

New modelling offers insight into the planet’s deepest reaches. Nick Carne reports. Original Link

Da Vinci’s artistic talent was due to a bung eye

The Renaissance master joins Rembrandt, Dega and Picasso in the strabismus club. Nick Carne reports. Original Link

Before nerves, there were peptides

Researchers map communication pathways in an organism that has no nervous system. Nick Carne reports. Original Link

World’s earliest known vicious fish revealed

Piranha-like fossil forces rethink of bony fish evolution. Andrew Masterson reports. Original Link

Drink coffee to reduce rosacea risk, research finds

A long term study reveals caffeine is linked to lower rates of chronic skin condition. Samantha Page reports. Original Link

Astronomers reveal a likely second neutron star merger

A gamma ray burst from 2015 was caused by the same type of event that produced the gravitational waves measured last year. Ben Lewis reports. Original Link

In a quiet grove, a quoll appears

Australian photographer captures a stunning image of a creature rarely seen in the wild. Original Link

Evergrande establishes Faraday Future company in Beijing even as turmoil prevails

The move comes amid tense times for the company and may demonstrate Evergrande’s determination in continuing to promote its electric car business. Original Link

China must take bold action to attract foreign trailblazers

The world has two tech superpowers—the incumbent and the rising rival, emerging as separate and competing players. Original Link

TB came from Europe, but drug-resistant strains are local affairs

The killer disease mirrors colonisation, but hard-to-treat versions arise independently. Samantha Page reports. Original Link

The largest organism on Earth is dying

Thousands of years old, a unique clone forest in the US is in decline. Jeff Glorfeld reports. Original Link

Fifty years later, scientists reflect on the influence of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Kubrick’s masterpiece was released in 1968, and continues inspire generations of researchers in AI and space tech. Lauren Fuge reports. Original Link

Claimed evidence for earliest Earth life is just rocks, researchers say

Analysis of purported 3.7-billion-year-old fossils is incorrect, second group of scientists say. Andrew Masterson reports. Original Link

Novel, Low-cost Photocatalyst Shown to Produce Hydrogen

In a breakthrough study, a RUDN chemist has obtained 'green' hydrogen using UV radiation, visible light and catalysts with ruthenium nanoparticles. The research suggests that these types… Original Link

Young star with four gas giant planets baffles astronomers

A young star has a planetary system befitting one much older, creating questions about how planets form. Ben Lewis reports. Original Link

Australian, US astronomers combine to produce new infrared telescope

The first device able to monitor the entire north sky swings in action. Brian W. Pulling reports. Original Link

Primate portrait wins major prize

The winner of the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is announced. Original Link

Tesla buys land for Shanghai factory

Tesla is opening its new factory right after reports that the Chinese auto market is slowing down. Original Link

Briefing: China Post’s Sichuan arm partners with e-commerce platform Pinduoduo

The two parties said their partnership in logistics hopes to deepen cooperation in service efficiency in the region. Original Link

Compliance with ALCOA and ALCOA+ Guidelines is Made Easy with Metrohm Software Products

Data integrity requires data to be complete, consistent, and accurate throughout their complete lifecycle, providing full transparency and traceability. Industry guidelines such as ALCOA and ALCOA+… Original Link

3 reasons why AI won’t replace human translators… yet

The public response to a scandal around “AI-powered translation” reveals how much AI is taken for granted. Original Link

The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes: all the winners

At a gala event in Australia’s Parliament House, 10 people shared seven awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions to science. Jeff Glorfeld reports.  Original Link

Light-splitting tech wins Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation

The Finisar team demonstrate that many lights make hands work. Jeff Glorfeld reports. Original Link

Pioneering earth scientist wins Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

Kurt Lambeck’s work underpins both GPS technology and space mission planning. Jeff Glorfeld reports. Original Link

Briefing: After Apple ID hack, Apple faces fraudulent claims

Unlike Apple, the theft victims are wondering if their consumer rights were properly protected. Original Link

Brian Cox heads down under

The world’s best-known particle physicist is spending much of 2019 on the road. Original Link

Father’s nicotine use affects future generations

Mouse study implicates epigenetic changes in paternal sperm DNA. Nick Carne reports. Original Link

Rising sea levels threaten Mediterranean world heritage sites

Modelling produces worrying results, but solutions can be found. Andrew Masterson reports. Original Link

Computer Model Determines Ideal Conditions to Develop Nanodiamonds

Nanodiamonds – the tiny crystalline carbon – have fascinating chemical and surface properties and hold promising applications in quantum computing, optoelectronics, and medicine. These materials… Original Link