Four Free Data Analysis and Visualization Libraries for Your Project

The human brain works in such a way that visual information is better recognized and perceived than textual information. That’s why all marketers and analysts use different data visualization techniques and tools to make boring tabular data more vibrant. Their goal is to convert the raw, unstructured data to structured data and to convey its meaning to those people who are involved in the process of decision-making.

The following approach is the most common:

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JavaScript Charts: Comparing D3 to Kendo UI for Data Visualization

I recently was tasked with creating a couple of charts using the D3 library for a course I was taking. Naturally I asked if I could use Kendo UI’s charts instead, as I’m familiar with them, but the course called for D3 specifically. So, for fun I tried to create a chart in D3 and Kendo UI at the same time just to see the differences.

D3 and Kendo UI are just two of the ways you can create charts in a web app, and options range from simply drawing shapes on the screen to using sophisticated charting components. Both D3 and Kendo UI are popular and both will get the job done. The similarities end there, however, and the two represent very different approaches, with very different features.

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