Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: The Neo4j Graph Algorithms Library

The Neo4j Graph Algorithms Library is used on your connected data to gain new insights more easily within Neo4j. These graph algorithms improve results from your graph data, for example by focusing on particular communities or favoring popular entities.

This article series is designed to help you better leverage graph analytics so you can effectively innovate and develop intelligent solutions faster.

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An Overview to the Workings of Graphs in Data Structures

This article is aimed at providing a basic introduction of the graphs in data structures and the algorithms that are commonly used for traversing these graphs. Graphs and algorithms are the subjects some of the most frequently asked questions in the interview process.

Image titleGraphs are one of the most interesting data structures in computer science, they are a powerful and versatile tool that lets us represent the relationship between various types of data easily. The two main parts of a graph are vertices (nodes) in which the data is stored, i.e., the letters in the image above and the edges that connect these nodes to each other.

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