Some iPhone X units have faulty touch screens

Apple has disclosed a pair of issues affecting two of its more popular products: the iPhone X and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Original Link

iPad Pro 2018: South African pricing

The new iPad Pro models have been launched in South Africa, and thanks to a weak rand, coupled with Apple’s higher selling prices, they’re anything but cheap. Original Link

Backspace: ‘A brief history of Apple’

View the latest contribution from TechCentral cartoonist Jerm. Original Link

TalkCentral: Ep 240 – ‘Is Apple pricing itself out of the market?’

On TalkCentral this week, Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about Apple’s new iPad Pro models, the new MacBook Air and the new Mac mini – and ask: is Apple pricing itself out of the market? Original Link

Apple cancels production boost for iPhone Xr

Apple has told Foxconn and Pegatron to halt plans for additional production lines dedicated to iPhone Xr, the Nikkei reports, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter. Original Link

Apple shares tumble amid fears of ‘sustained iPhone downturn’

Apple shares tumbled on Friday amid concerns that growth in its powerhouse product, the iPhone, is slowing. Original Link

How Trump may have saved the market from an Apple-led tech slump

On the same day the world’s largest company issues its biggest disappointment in years, US President Donald Trump, does an about-face on China. Original Link

Apple silence on iPhone unit sales sparks concern

Apple’s decision to stop reporting how many iPhones it sells landed with a thud. Many analysts complained it was an attempt to hide the pain of a stagnant smartphone market. Original Link

Samsung earnings top estimates despite smartphone pressures

Samsung Electronics has posted quarterly profit that topped analyst estimates on growth in its memory chip business, but signalled caution in semiconductors by announcing a cut in capital spending for the year. Original Link

Apple unveils powerful new iPad Pro models

Apple is giving its iPad the most extensive upgrade since 2015, the latest effort to revive a product that has suffered falling sales in recent years. Original Link

Apple revamps MacBook Air after years of neglect

Apple has overhauled two of its oldest Macs after sales of the company’s personal computers fell to the lowest point since 2010 last quarter. Original Link

Briefing: Apple investigates illegal student labour at supplier’s Chongqing plant

The “student interns” said they often worked overtime and night shifts, in violation of Chinese law. Original Link

Apple’s big keynote previewed: new iPad Pros and more

Apple is about to give two product lines much-needed upgrades after the gadgets slipped into the towering shadow of the iPhone. Original Link

Apple owes us $7-billion in royalties: Qualcomm

Qualcomm says its fight with Apple over how much the chip maker can charge for essential patented technology used in iPhones and iPads is getting pricey. Original Link

What to expect in the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Electronics is overhauling its line-up of premium phones for next year, preparing to launch its first 5G-capable smartphone, a cheaper flagship model and a foldable-screen device to challenge Apple. Original Link

Huawei launches Mate 20 Pro in SA: pricing, details

Huawei, which is engaged in a fierce battle for smartphone supremacy with Samsung and Apple, has launched its new high-end smartphone, the Mate 20 Pro, in South Africa, just a week after it was unveiled in London. Original Link

Some security apps worse for privacy than nothing at all

In early September, Apple removed several Trend Micro anti-malware tools from the Mac app store after they were found to be collecting unnecessary personal information from users. Original Link

Apple to unveil new iPad Pro models on 30 October

Apple said it will hold a product announcement 30 October in Brooklyn, New York, likely to unveil new iPads and Mac computers. Original Link

iPhone Xr South African pricing revealed

The first official South African pricing of Apple’s “cheaper” iPhone model for 2018 has been revealed. Original Link

WeChat rivals can take social, but Tencent is moving on

Two hip, young start-ups are set to become the latest challenge to Tencent just as China’s dominant social media company struggles with shrinking margins and slowing growth. Original Link

Briefing: After Apple ID hack, Apple faces fraudulent claims

Unlike Apple, the theft victims are wondering if their consumer rights were properly protected. Original Link

Mate 20 Pro: Huawei throws down the gauntlet

China’s Huawei has taken the wraps off impressive new high-end smartphone models it no doubt hopes will put it closer to unseating market leader Samsung Electronics and relegating Apple to a distant third place. Original Link

Your local cafe is probably streaming music illegally

Artists and record companies lose about R39-billion in revenue annually because small business owners typically stream music from personal accounts rather than a commercial-use licence. Original Link

Microsoft a growing contender in PC hardware

Microsoft is now the fifth biggest PC manufacturer in the US, according to new data from Gartner. Original Link

Android creator working on AI phone that texts for you

Essential Products, the consumer electronics start-up run by Android creator Andy Rubin, is putting most projects aside to focus on development of a new kind of phone. Original Link

Cars & Gadgets: Apple’s iPhone Xs unpacked

In this episode of Cars & Gadgets, Duncan McLeod speaks to Nafisa Akabor about the new iPhone Xs from Apple, which she has been reviewing for the past week. Original Link

Apple iPhone Xs review: an incremental and pricey update

The iPhone Xs is the incremental update we’ve come to expect from the “s” line of Apple smartphones. Be prepared to pay top-dollar for a relatively minor update. Original Link

Briefing: Apple denies claims its servers were hacked by China

Whether the report is true or not, it won’t do any favors for Chinese tech companies operating internationally.  Original Link

Chip hack a sign of Chinese cyber threats to US, officials say

The White House national security adviser has said Chinese cyberattacks on the US validate the Donald Trump administration’s emphasis on offensive cyber operations of its own. Original Link

Qualcomm loses first round in ugly fight with Apple

Apple’s iPhones shouldn’t be banned from the US even though they infringe a patent owned by Qualcomm, a US International Trade Commission judge found on Friday. Original Link

Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing its trade secrets to aid Intel

Qualcomm has added yet another layer to its ongoing legal battle with Apple by accusing the iPhone maker of stealing software and tools to help improve chips from rival Intel. Original Link

Backspace: ‘New Apple Watch’

View the latest contribution from TechCentral cartoonist Jerm. Original Link

New Apple Watch’s best feature won’t work in SA

Shoppers queuing up to buy Apple’s latest smartwatch anywhere but the US face an uncertain wait before they can use the product’s headline-grabbing electrocardiogram feature. Original Link

Apple faithful undeterred by eye-watering prices

The iPhone Xs is more expensive than last year’s already pricey iPhone X and represents one of the smallest advances in the product line’s history. But that means little to the Apple faithful. Original Link

Here’s what you’ll pay in South Africa for Apple’s new iPhone models

Apple fans, prepare to have your wallets emptied. South African Apple retailer, the iStore, has revealed the first official local pricing for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, which will go on sale on 28 September. As expected, they aren’t cheap. Original Link

Silicon Valley is getting serious about your health

Apple’s new smartwatch is the latest proof: Big Tech is trying to remake health care in its own image. Original Link

Sorry Apple, your “most advanced” features are already commonplace in China

I wanted to buy an Apple Watch 4, but suddenly I feel embarrassed. If I don’t use an iPhone, why would I buy an Apple Watch? Original Link

Briefing: Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou to give production priority to iPhone XR

A staff working in the factory says  there are 27 production lines working 19 hours a day for 590 iPhone XR every hour. Original Link

What Apple’s September Announcements Might Mean for Developers

Somehow, an Apple event, even one where we knew most of what was due to be announced beforehand, still generates excitement and anticipation like no other. Even I can’t resist casting a casual eye to see what rumors they will announce. Mostly because typically someone in Berlin arranges an event where we all drink a lot and laugh at the over the top production of American events. I digress, what did Apple announce, and what does it mean to developers and other tech-minded people.

No Macs, No iPads

Starting with what Apple didn’t announce. Despite many rumors or hopes, Apple did not announce a new MacBook Air, or further cement the Mac in a concrete coffin with new iPads. To be honest, I don’t remember that many Apple events where they did announce multiple hardware series at the same event, so I’m not sure why people keep expecting it. These devices may come soon, and they might not, only Apple knows.

Original Link

Nothing magical about new iPhones, but for Apple it might not matter

This year, Apple’s secret weapon isn’t a particular feature, but a clever pricing strategy and myriad options for storage, colours and screen sizes. Original Link

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