Real-Time Analytics on MongoDB Data in Power BI

Posted on October 17, 2018

Power BI is expanding self-service data prep to help business analysts extract insights from big data and introducing enterprise BI platform capabilities. With recent updates, Power BI has enabled connectivity to more data sources than ever before. That said, no product is able to do everything, which is where the CData Power BI Connectors come in.

With CData, you get live connectivity to data in Power BI (meaning DirectQuery) from any of the 120+ supported sources, ranging from CRM and marketing automation to big data and NoSQL. With the CData connectors, you can access MongoDB data quickly (faster than you can with any other connector) and easily, leveraging the built-in modeling and data flattening features of the connector to create a table-like model of your schema-less data, ready to be viewed, reported and analyzed from Power BI — no code or data curation required.

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