– What are the recommended browsers to be used for Savi-Labs?

We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Chrome is ok but has issues with the cache sometimes, and might require for you to clear your browser’s cache before having optimum performance on our site.

– What is Menlo Park, NJ?

Menlo Park, New Jersey is the home of the first industrial research park, which was established in 1876.

– Who is the “Wizard of Menlo Park, NJ”?

The man who was known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park,NJ” is Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), who set up the first industrial research laboratory in the town of Menlo Park, NJ. Despite the fact that Mr. Edison never attended high school or University, he is the most prolific inventor known to mankind with over 1000 patents obtained in his lifetime. Mr. Edison went beyond merely acquiring patents, he also experimented, prototyped, improved on, and made commercial products off of most of his inventions which touched on a variety of industries. Mr. Edison was also a successful businessman who earned his life by selling his inventions throughout the world. He is the father of the company known today as the General Electric company or GE.

– Why the desire to emulate what was done at Menlo Park, NJ?

Mr. Edison’s (along with his team of experimenters) empirical, diverse, and applied research practices laid the foundation for research as we know it today. The desire to emulate that specific group of people comes from the realization that in order for Africans to accelerate the development of Africa, we are going to need African scientists, engineers, and technologists to get into the “lab” with the clear purpose to come up with a wide variety of real world solutions; whether products and/or services founded upon technology, in order to resolve Africa’s most challenging developmental issues, and clear the path to attain sustainable socio-economic development for the continent.
That’s going to require inventing new products and services that are specifically targetted at local, regional or continental problems; but at a rate and consistency that are comparable to that of a highly efficient manufacturing assembly line…

– In layman’s terms, what is Savi-Labs trying to accomplish?

Savi-Labs is organizing efforts across the entire continent of Africa and beyond to create a long-lasting and evolving culture among the African Youth that will empower, nurture, and encourage collaborative learning, work, and research endeavors in order to fuel the spirit of invention and innovation among STEM students, alumni, and professionals of African descent to arrive at sensibly increasing the number of novel ideas, concepts, experiments, prototypes, products, tools, systems, and services that are capable of bringing sustainable solutions to solve Africa’s most pressing problems through the systematic translation of scientific knowledge to technological construction.

– Is Savi-Labs for anyone?

No it is not. The Savi-Labs platform is primarily meant for people of African descent involved in various STEM disciplines at the educational level, at the professional level, or at the research level who desire to use their acquired knowledge and expertise to shape and accelerate the future of a developed Africa.

– Is Savi-Labs a non-profit?

Savi-Labs is a social network for leading STEM people of African descent,and belongs to a for-profit company.

– I’m a student in a STEM field, how can I get involved?

Please apply by signing up. If you meet our criteria, we will grant you access to the platform so that you may network with like-minded individuals, participate in our programs and activities, and get to work on your craft to create ,create, create…..and oh yes, create!!

– What is a “Moonshot”?

The word has been used in reference to the Apollo 11 project, started by President Kennedy in 1961 to develop all of the necessary technologies and/or technological instruments so as to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. The objective was to accomplish that feat within the short span of a decade. As we all know the “Moonshot” became a success on July 20th,1969 when NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the Moon. The three astronauts involved in the project returned safely to Earth on July 24th, 1969. Find out more.

– What’s Savi-Labs Moonshot? (we’ve got several bundled into one)

Create a growing network of African scientific and engineering leaders who will provide through their lifetimes a variety of novel technological instruments to:

– bring literacy rates to above 90% across the African continent
– bring tertiary education rates from 6% today to greater then 80% of the African population of age to attend tertiary institutions
– bring electrification rates from 50% to 100% of the population on the African continent
– bring internet connectivity rates from 25% to 100% of the population on the African continent
– bring the total amount of African Intellectual Property participation (specifically patents) as calculated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 0.2% of all patent applications in the World today to above 20% of all patent applications in the World.
…all of this by the year 2067.

in short it is to give Africa the proper foundation to arrive at AND sustain its own socio-economic development within the next 50 years.

– Isn’t that utopia?

That is probably a matter of perspective, but we certainly do need pro-active measures to attain socio-economic development across the continent, leaving no single African country behind. Some might say that’s too long!

– What elements seem to stand in the way of reaching those goals?

Proper governance, stability, and an enormous list of things, measures, and strategies that have been implemented ever since the dawn of the “independence” era to keep Africa as a provider of mineral resources and raw materials to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, most scientist or engineers in Africa cannot really do much about those things… we are not politicians per se, and for the most part we would much rather stay in our geeky worlds…

What we CAN do , however, as scientists and engineers is devise the technological instruments that will not only bring solutions to real world problems that surround us in Africa, but will also create wealth here in Africa to benefit  all people of African descent through the short, medium, and long terms.

– How is Savi-Labs funded?

We do not rely on aid to function as an entity or to attain our objectives as a group. Aid is an instrument that is inevitably crippling through the long term. No region of the world ever achieved socio-economic development through aid. We mean to change the culture of easy reliance on others to donate in order for us to make one step forward only to take two steps back thereafter.

Aid is a financial instrument that we should get rid of altogether in order to drastically change the thought processes of people in Africa irrespective of the industry they belong to, so that when people on the continent desire to achieve something that requires substantial financial means:
they choose to think up of ways, innovate on existing ways, or better yet create new ways to derive the financial means they desire to have in order to attain their objectives. At Savi-Labs we believe in win-win relationships, and we are ready to innovate so we do not have to rely on hand-outs.

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